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Rise Nation: The Good and Bad of Black Ops 3

If you were to pick a team of the year for Black Ops 3, you would have to put Rise Nation into the mix as a contender.

With Infinite Warfare and a new season of the CoD World League fast approaching, I’m taking a look at some of the top teams and how they performed during Black Ops 3.

I’ve already covered FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming, so let’s take a look through Rise Nation’s journey through 2016.

Good – Hot Start

The Black Ops 3 season well and truly started for Rise Nation when they took down OpTic Gaming in the final of the Totinos Invitational. Although the event took place just a week after the game was released and many would argue it’s not an actual tournament win, they still took home $20k for their troubles.

On the back of the Totinos invitational, they walked through UMG South Carolina’s single elimination bracket to firmly put themselves as the team to beat at the start of the season.

Bad – Second Half Season Jitters


Whether it was that the other top teams had simply worked them out or they simply couldn’t seal the deal, Rise Nation failed to place first the rest of the season after winning UMG South Carolina in February.

They just couldn’t get over the line when it got to the final hurdle, including a heartbreakingly close game against OpTic at the S1 finals where they placed second. Over the course of the season their placements went downhill from 2nd at that event to finishing 5th/6th on back to back occasions at MLG Orlando and CoD XP.

Good – Sticking Together

rise nation team photo

This team have an undeniable chemistry, complete with an ice cold sense of emotion that leaves their opponents under no illusion of what’s to come. Although there were times when rumours of a change were floating about, they stuck it out. Going into Infinite Warfare, the Rise Nation team are the third longest serving roster in North America and fourth worldwide.

Bad – Lack Of Practice


The team avoided most dramas throughout the season, however their slump of form was attributed to a lack of practice before ESWC and MLG Anaheim. Octane admitted it himself in an interview with us at the S1 finals, explaining that they’d simply not put in the time. Would the team have more winners medals if they hadn’t let everyone else catch up?

Good – Consistently At The Top

Loony 1

Regardless of failing to win an event after UMG South Carolina, Rise Nation were always in contention for the title and they always finished at least in the top 6. They are the only 4 players to finish in the top 6 at every event on Black Ops 3, an achievement not to be disregarded.

Bad – Record Against OpTic & EnVy

rise nation 3

Throughout 2016, Rise Nation were consistently eclipsed by OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs, in both fighting for the limelight of top team and also in their event record.

On three seperate occasions OpTic Gaming beat Rise at a major event and on three seperate occasions they also lost to Team EnVyUs. In comparison, Rise only managed to beat nV on one occasion and aside from the Totinos, they also never took down OpTic.

Good – Undefeated When Pizza Rolls Are Free


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