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Rise Nation Falling Short On CWL Dallas Day One

Rise Nation have struggled on day one of the CWL Dallas Open, ending the day without a single match win.

The CWL Vegas champions have had a turbulent year so far. After an impressive victory at the first major event of the season, the team flopped at the CWL Atlanta Open, following up their win with a disappointing 9th-12th place.


The following weekend, however, at the CWL Paris Open, things were looking up for Rise again. Though they were clearly a step behind the finalists of FaZe and OpTic, the team picked up a respectable third place, seemingly re-affirming their position at the upper end of the global competition.

Unfortunately, so far at the CWL Dallas Open, Rise seem to have once again lost whatever it was that allowed them to perform well. Having kicked off the event with a narrow loss to Splyce, Rise’s fortunes failed to improve, getting 3-0’d by Enigma6 in their second match.

Now, Pnda Gaming have also dealt the squad a fifth game loss, leaving Rise Nation with a 0-3 record after the first day. It’s a critical win for the Pnda team, who themselves are fighting for a spot in the CWL Global Pro League.


Fortunately for Rise Nation, they’re already safe on that account on the basis of their previous results. With regards to this tournament, though, they now find themselves in a difficult position.

After the first day, they find themselves already guaranteed to be heading to the lower bracket. At this stage, if they are to even match their Atlanta placing, something is going to have to change, quite literally, overnight.

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