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Archive • Sep 13, 2017

Richard Lewis On Immortals CS:GO Fiasco: "People don't know they were late for CLG series earlier in the day"

During an episode of the podcast By The Numbers, Richard Lewis and Duncan 'Thorin' Shields discussed their views on the Immortals map forfeit at DreamHack Open Montreal, and the death threats posted on Twitter by Immortals player Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe. By The Numbers is a crowdfunded podcast hosted by the duo where they discuss the latest news and highlights from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional scene. DreamHack Open Montreal was a $100,000 competition that ran from the 8th to the 10th of September 2017 and saw the high level teams of North, Immortals, and Cloud9 compete for a $50,000 first prize.

The fiasco began when Immortals failed to arrive in time for the grand final. Three of the Brazilian teams players failed to make it by the deadline for the first match and DreamHack made them forfeit the first map as a punishment. The players arrived in time for the second map but were easily defeated by North, who won the final 2-0. It was after the tournament had ended that the drama took a more sinister turn. It came into the light that Immortals player kNgV- had publicly threatened another CS:GO professional. Pujan 'FNS' Mehta of team Counter Logic Gaming had joked on Twitter after he lost to Immortals that the worst part of the defeat was that he lost to three hungover players. kNgV- responded to the joke with a threat saying 'You'll prove it or I'll kill you!' and later refused to apologize. While initially appearing to be an empty threat, it has since been revealed that kNgV- had to be restrained by the Immortals coach and FNS was told he had to go to a safe place.

The events that occurred after DreamHack Montreal has dominated the discussion around CS:GO since the event and has now been discussed on By The Numbers where Richard Lewis gave his opinions on the matter for the first time. Before the duo began they stated that all the things they were saying about Immortals applies to the three players who failed to turn up on time. They said that Lucas 'steel' Lopes and Ricardo 'boltz' Prass had arrived on time and were doing everything they could to get their teammates to do the same. Richard Lewis stated that they were not at fault in any of the situations they discussed. When broaching the subject of Immortals forfeiting the first map of the grand final, Richard Lewis said that the team had already received a warning after they arrived late to their game against CLG.
''People might say their story about sleeping through an alarm is plausible or the story about them having jet-lag is plausible. Absolute bullshit. Absolute grade a fucking bullshit. Because what people don't know is they were late for the CLG series earlier in the day. I heard this from CLG players and Ryu, and these are people I trust.'' ''The admins at that point didn't take any punitive measures, did not punish Immortals despite the facts that they were late for that series. So what people don't realize is, Immortals had already had basically a warning like get your shit together.''
Joking about how ridiculous their story sounded and how contradictory their statements were, Lewis said they needed to get together and figure out which lie they were going to stick with.
''They couldn't even get their fucking stories straight could they! They couldn't even get their motherfucking stories straight! It was like 'ah yeah it was jet lag' and then the next bit was 'no we were there on time and its all a conspiracy'! Right guys listen OK, rule number one of getting away with bullshit is fucking get together in a room and just say, this is the lie we are going to tell.''
Furthering his opinion on the situation, Lewis stated that they were not acting professionally and did not do their due diligence as professional players.

The next topic up for discussion was the kNgV- death threats on Twitter. Where Lewis stated that he had been told from reliable sources that kNgV- had to be physically restrained to prevent him from going after FNS, while others evacuated FNS from the building.
''I'm trying to find a way to understand him a little bit better, because I don't think he should be banned for life for saying he was going to kill someone. Its completely fucking unacceptable, I think we can agree with that, but I think he had a mad hot headed moment. Its not even the tweet that bothers me so much.. its the fact that he own coach Zakk had to physically restrain him while FNS had to leave the hotel.'' ''This is on the ultimate authority, and you will notice Immortals has not issued denied about this or tried to spin this any other way, yes, kNg was raging so much after FNS' tweet that he did have to be shepherded by his coach away from FNS while people told FNS to get to a safe distance.'' ''What I am already being told through my sources is, that it looks like kNg is gunna be out. I really think he has fucked himself over here. He has made such a fucking bed for himself because he is saying 'I will never apologize to FNS' and that's still on Twitter.''
There has still been no official post from Immortals concerning kNgV-'s threats or the actions they will take after three players arrived late to the final of a tournament. However, Richard Lewis stated that his sources suggest kNgV- will be removed from the Brazilian team. x Richard Lewis is a veteran esports journalist and tournament host, known for uncovering the North American match fixing scandal and for hosting the 2017 ELEAGUE Major. His Co-Host, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields is an esports journalist and analyst. Often referred to as an ‘esports historian’, he uses his extensive knowledge of teams and players to aid his analysis. The combined knowledge of the duo makes their opinions well respected in the CSGO community, making their podcast one of the most popular in the scene.
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