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Revenge Against Red Reserve Puts eUnited Through to Stage Two Playoffs

eUnited have secured a place in the Stage Two Playoffs with a sweep against Red Reserve.

The result confirms James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks’ LAN debut with eUnited as a success. The squad looked strong in the first day of play, but a loss on day two to Red Reserve themselves kept the race for a playoff spot close.

The rematch would kick off with a strong win for eUnited on Breakout Hardpoint, a convincing 250-143 score-line. Another strong showing in Search and Destroy would extend their lead to 2-0, taking Retaliation 6-3.

Red Reserve’s playoff hopes now rested on a reverse sweep, but it wasn’t to be. A hard-fought Frost Uplink was tied as the final thirty seconds ticked down, but a camo play for Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson secured a dunk for an 8-6 win, closing out the series at 3-0 for eUnited.

In taking revenge for their earlier loss, eUnited decided the fates of all three teams vying for a playoff spot. As a result of that win, both eUnited and Splyce will secure a top-two finish, with Red now out of the running.

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