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Report finds women will be a key factor in the growth of esports

A new report from the Esports Ad Bureau conducted by Magid Advisors has found women are a key factor for the future growth of eSports.

The report surveyed 1,000 consumers aged 16 to 45 with the aim of determining the value of the eSports audience to brands, understanding which brand categories and products could be most effective to promote to the eSports audience and exploring current and potential brand engagements at live eSports events.

The results showed some interesting figures, including that women now make up nearly a third of the eSports audience in the US. 78% of these women begun following eSports in the past year, meaning they could account for half of viewer growth over the next twelve months.

Magid Advisors’ Stan Press said:

“The study shows that esports presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers, delivering a desirable demographic that is highly engaged, very active, and open to interaction with brand messaging.

“These audiences are also more receptive to brands than originally anticipated. For advertisers who get involved now, they have the chance to really take control of how they present themselves to fans as an integral partner that is helping to support and grow the esports space.”

With almost half the number of people in the US who play games being women, it seems likely more will continue to move from just playing games to watching eSports as well.

For more information, head over to the full report.

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