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Red Reserve Win The Fight For Third Place Against Rise Nation in Group Yellow

Red Reserve have secured third-place in Group Yellow with a 3-1 victory against Rise Nation.

Despite a promising start to the group for Red, an earlier loss on day three to eUnited put them out of contention for a playoff spot. Their final match of the weekend would be against the other team missing out, Rise Nation, in a battle for third place.

Entering off of a 0-3 defeat, Red bounced back in the new series, taking the opening Hardpoint 250-190. Search and Destroy would be a closer affair, but it was again Red that clutched up to take a round-11 victory and extend their series lead.

Rise were able to respond in the Uplink, but the form that saw them sweep Splyce in a significant upset earlier in the day seemed to have abandoned them as quickly as it arrived, with Red putting the final nail in their coffin with a 250-134 win on the second Hardpoint.


The win may come as bittersweet for Red Reserve, but it isn’t without significance, as the higher finish will secure Red Reserve a higher seed heading into the Call of Duty Championships. Despite missing out on Stage Two Playoffs, the squad look to remain in impressive form headed into the biggest event of the year.

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