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PUBG’s New Deathmatch Mode ‘War’ Is Now Live on PC – And It Could Be a Game Changer

In an effort perhaps to keep up with the popularity of Fortnite, and the constant addition of new modes in that game, devs of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have tried their hand at creating a completely new mode as well.

Simply called ‘War’, it is the PUBG you know and love, except it isn’t a battle royale at all. Instead there are respawns, and essentially it operates as a straight up team deathmatch.

The new mode was first announced only a few days ago, and received mixed responses ahead of it going live. But now that it is (on PC only, Xbox players may have to wait) it looks to have some serious potential.

Of course PUBG also had it’s recent shotgun only mode, named ‘Tequila Sunrise’ – but that wasn’t the radical change that this new War mode brings.

Firstly, you do drop down into the map like a traditional match of PUBG, however the first thing you will notice is that the safe zone doesn’t change over the span of the game.

And while there is still loot like weapons and gear to be found on the map, players will start with a random weapon and equipment.

Players must then battle it out until one reaches 200 points, or if the time runs out – giving the team with the highest score the chicken dinner.



So far, it has been receiving very positive reviews from casual players and game journalists alike, and there is even a hint that this might be an idea the rival team over at Epic Games may be keeping a keen eye on, possibly for addition to Fortnite.

While the battle royale genre has unarguably become a massive, seemingly overnight success, the studio’s behind the game’s will be keen to investigate ways they can retain their player base – even after the battle royale hype dies down.

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Currently, War mode in PUBG will not be a permanent feature, ending its run on April 15 at 10:00pm EST.


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