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The Professional Esports Association Responds to CS:GO Player Protest Letter

The 25 CS:GO players who published an open letter to protest against exclusivity have received a response from the Professional Esports Association.

Written and published by Scott ‘SirScoots’ Smith on Wednesday 21st, the aim of the letter was to highlight the lack of player involvement on the decision to stop players competing in the ESL Pro League.

The protest swept across the CS:GO esports scene and involved a player being sacked, SirScoots being targeted with insults, Richard Lewis going on an epic rant and an incredible photoshop being made.

On Friday December 23rd, the PEA released their own response to the situation, revealing that they would be allowing the players the choice to choose between the PEA league or the ESL Pro League.


The letter was released by Immortals owner and PEA Player Relations Committee Member, Noah Whinston. You can read the full statement on the Medium.com website, or read the TLDR highlights below.

“1) The intention of the PEA League is to create a better league for both American players and organizations. It is not an exclusive league. The teams will continue competing in non-PEA operated leagues and tournaments.

2) It is not financially viable for organizations to run a PEA CSGO league and also participate in all of the other existing online leagues because of issues with over-saturation.

3) PEA proposed a compromise to WESA to resolve the over-saturation issue, which WESA declined.

4) Though PEA organizations unambiguously have the contractual right to decide where their players compete, the organizations have decided to offer the players the choice to either participate in the PEA league or in the ESL Pro League North American division.

5) Financially, the PEA league offers more money to NA players. The PEA league pays out a guaranteed minimum average of $81,250 per PEA team (prize money + minimum guaranteed profit share), compared to a guaranteed minimum average of $21,428.57 (see http://bit.ly/2hOIE9I) per NA team in ESL Pro League (and a maximum average of $49,857.14 per team if NA teams took all the top 6 spots at the NA/EU EPL LAN final).

6) We sympathize with the players’ sentiments around not feeling more included in the decision-making process and we acknowledge that we could and should have done better. That’s why, in good faith, we’re going to give this decision to them.”

In the hours after the letter was released, SirScoots responded with another statement, refuting a number of the claims, including the issue of exclusivity, lack of event organising experience and the prize money per player distribution. You can read the full statement via Twitlonger or read the ending paragraph below.

“We’ll be continuing to digest the PEA’s open letter over the coming days, and we’ll also be touching base with EPL. Please keep in mind that the players have repeatedly told the PEA that they have no issue with competing in the PEA’s first season and that they simply do not want to be forced out of EPL in order to so. Being able to “choose” between two options that are not mutually exclusive is an illusion, not actual freedom of choice.

Thank you to everyone in the community for your kind words over the last few days. Please continue to be vocal about your support for the #playersrights movement!”

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