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Pro CoD Players Complain About Dedicated Servers Used in CWL Pro League Relegation Tournament

A number of high profile Call of Duty players have taken to Twitter to publicly lament the use of dedicated servers, claiming they give certain teams a significant advantage.

The relegation qualifier pits the top sixteen teams in pro points from each region, North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific in a double elimination bracket, with the final two from each each moving on to the LAN tournament to face teams eliminated from Stage One of the CWL Pro League.

The winners of the subsequent LAN tournament will then qualify for Stage Two of the Pro League, so there is a lot on the line for these aspiring teams.

However, the integrity of the tournament has been somewhat undermined after a number of high profile players, including former Team Kaliber player Dillon “Theory” McGee and Former Evil Geniuses player Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler, have claimed the dedicated servers are affecting results.

Both NAMELESS and Theory were competing in the tournament together, and after elimination by Lightning Pandas in the losers bracket, made their feelings clear.



Red Reserve player Rhys “Rated” Price and UNILAD Player Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall, who are not playing in the tournament as are already qualified for Stage Two, also agreed.

They explained that due to the fixed location of certain dedicated servers, the issue is particularly bad for mainland European teams playing British teams.


Heretics Player Juan “JurNii” Antonio González


Michael “SpaceLy” Schmale


However, Luminosity player Jordan “JKap” Kaplan suggested players were forgetting the steps MLG have taken in recent years to prevent crucial tournament taking place online.


The qualifying teams will have a chance to prove themselves in a LAN environment in Seattle on April 20th, where eight teams (four relegated from Stage One and four from the online tournament) will challenge for four spots in Stage Two.


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