Pro Players Roast Each Other on CWL Global Pro League Pre-Show

The CWL Global Pro League is one of the most highly anticipated tournaments in Call of Duty history.

The $700,000 offline tournament will see 16 teams from across the world compete across 5 weekends, with the champions crowned the Stage One champions.

Group Red will be the first with Team EnVyUs, Splyce, Cloud9 and Mindfreak fighting through a double round robin group format with the top two heading to the playoffs, third qualifying for season 2, whilst last heads to relegation.

In order to build the show up, MLG hosted a new pre-show called Hot Mic, with a player from each team chatting about the weekend alongside commentator Clint ‘Maven’ Evans.

Although the majority of the show was lighthearted, some of the conversation was a little controversial, especially when it reached the topic of what the players thought about their groups.


Mindfreak’s Mitch ‘BuZZo’ Mader told Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan that his EnVyUs team were the worst team out of the pool one pot and as a result was glad to get him. Meanwhile Splyce player Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris got in on the action with a dig in return at the Australians.

You can watch the full show below, skip to 11 minutes 30 seconds for the start.

You can keep up to date across the weekend with the Dexerto CWL GPL Coverage Hub, providing links to the stream, schedule, results, match reports and more!

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