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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Pro Player MarkyB Claims the Current CWL Format is Damaging European CoD Scene

Veteran professional Call of Duty player Mark 'MarkyB' Bryceland has commented on the current structure of the Call of Duty World League, claiming that it is damaging the European scene. While the CWL does many things right when it comes to nurturing the competitive Call of Duty scene, any international competition is going to have its issues.

In the case of the CWL Pro League, one issue that seems to crop up on a regular basis is the impact that it has on regions outside of North America. For many years the professional Call of Duty scene employed a largely open circuit with events being held around the world and teams travelling from all corners of the globe to compete in various MLG, Gfinity, or even EGL, events. While teams from Europe and APAC do have the chance to qualify for, and compete in, the CWL's LAN league, players that do not achieve that qualification have expressed concern with the lack of support in their home regions.

A number of APAC veterans have recently retired from the game, citing a lack of competition and opportunity as the main reason for their decision. With only one APAC spot in the entire CWL, anyone that isn't on Mindfreak has had virtually nothing to play for in recent months. While there are more spots for European teams, MarkyB took to Twitter on March 13th to make it clear that the region is experiencing similar issues to those seen in APAC.  

  Marky's main complaint seems to be the lack of practice and competition for any teams outside of the Pro League while those that are in it are away competing for weeks on end. Teams in North America certainly get the most opportunity in terms of online practice, competition, and LAN events. However, with most of the world's top teams all coming from North America, it is hard to argue against a slight NA focus. While the veteran's suggestion of an online league could possibly fix the issues that he is describing, it would feel like a massive step back in competitive CoD's evolution. It would also likely result in an even larger disconnect between the top NA teams and top EU teams.