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Archive • Mar 28, 2018

Popular Streamer Pokimane's Emotional Response to Hitting a Huge Milestone on Twitch

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Pokimane, hit an incredible one million followers on March 27th and was promptly brought to tears by a gesture from her housemate. Originally from Morocco, Pokimane now lives in the Offline TV house with other popular content creators like DisguisedToast, Fedmyster, and Scarra.

She is best known for being a League of Legends streamer, with a great deal of her fan base comes from that game, but has recently branched out to do more IRL and Fortnite streaming. With over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and one of the most loyal fan bases on Twitch, the 21 year old is no stranger to success. However, even she was speechless on March 27th when she finally broke the one million follower mark on Twitch, joining a very elite group of less than 50 channels on the platform.

What really caught her off-guard, though, was Fedmyster bringing her a huge bunch of flowers as a congratulatory gift - bringing her to tears almost immediately.  

  While it's hard to understand exactly what Pokimane is saying through her sobs, she can be heard saying that she "feels so lucky". Currently sitting at 922,000 subscribers on YouTube, it looks likely that the popular entertainer could be celebrating another one million mark in the near future. Judging from her reaction to the one million on Twitch, and the flowers that came with it, it seems likely that we could see a similar reaction when that day comes.