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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

Playoff Bracket and Final Placements from the Call of Duty Championships 2017

The biggest tournament of the Call of Duty year is taking place between in Orlando, Florida between August 9th and 13th at the Amway Center. The home of the Orlando Magic welcomed 32 teams through the doors for the $1.5 million tournament, playing through a group stage followed by a double elimination bracket. As one of the most prestigious moments of the year, everyone is fighting for the right to call themselves the Infinite Warfare world champion. It's a cruel world, however, and unfortunately, there can be only one winner. Keep up to date with the tournament via our dedicated coverage hub, or view the final standings below which we'll update across the course of the tournament.   CoD Champs 2017 Final Placements
Placement Team Roster Prize Money
1  OpTic Gaming  Scump, FormaL, Crimsix, Karma $600,000
2  Team EnVyUs  JKap, John, Apathy, Slasher $200,000
3  Luminosity  Slacked, Octane, Saints, Classic $100,000
4  Rise Nation Loony, Aqua, Faccento, Felony $80,000
5/6  FaZe Clan Enable, Attach, ZooMaa, Gunless $55,000
5/6  eUnited SiLLY, Arcitys, Prestinni, Clayster $55,000
7/8  Ghost Gaming SpaceLy, Maux, LlamaGod, Lacefield $35,000
7/8  Splyce Madcat, Jurd, Zer0, Bance $35,000
9-12  Epsilon Esports Dqvee, Joshh, Hawqeh, Vortex $25,000
9-12 Infused Nolson, Zerg, Niall, Alexx $25,000
9-12  Enigma6 General, Kade, Proto, Royalty $25,000
9-12  Allegiance Spoof, Mayhem, Nova, Believe $25,000
13-16  Cloud9 Aches, Assault, Priest, Xotic $15,000
13-16  Mindfreak Black Hopey, Setzyy, Zepa, Swiftaz0r $15,000
13-16  Fnatic Tommey, SunnyB, Wuskin, Skrapz $15,000
13-16  Str8 Rippin Studyy, Dashy, Temp, Ricky $15,000
17-24  Rogue Johnny, GodRx, Pandur, Stamino $12,500
17-24  Millenium MarkyB, Peatie, Moose, Qwiker $12,500
17-24  Tainted Minds Excite, Nimble, Swifty, Damage $12,500
17-24  Red Reserve Joee, Urban, Seany, Rated $12,500
17-24 Supremacy Vortex, Eazy, Malls, TonyJs $12,500
17-24  Elevate Zed, Watson, Reedy, Desire $12,500
17-24  Echo Fox Methodz, Mosh, MRuiz, Replays $12,500
17-24  Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Denz $12,500
25-32  Lethal Gaming JuJu, Hate, HumanJesus, KlinK $10,000
25-32 MRN Black Benji, Subsist, GefKid, Yohanson $10,000
25-32  Team Kaliber Theory, Happy, Goonjar, Accuracy $10,000
25-32  Evil Geniuses NAMELESS, Havok, Nagafen, Parasite $10,000
25-32  eRa Eternity Carbines, dReaL, Zayrox, VerdicT $10,000
25-32  Team Vitality Wailers, Shane, Weeman, Braaain $10,000
25-32  Projekt Evil Prophet, FA5T, Glory, ProFeeZy $10,000
25-32  3sUP Mochila, Swarley, ColeChan, Drama $10,000
Championship Playoff Bracket  

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