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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Reveal New Weapon

A brand new sub-machine gun has been announced by PLAYERUNKNOWN for their BattleGrounds game.

The PC third person shooter is a Battle Royale style game, leaving you alone to fight against hundreds of other opponents on a large map that slowly decreases in size.

It follows a very similar format to DayBreak’s H1Z1, although it does include more weapons and variety according to those playing.

It was announced on April 18th that PLAYERUNKNOWN would be adding the Vector sub-machine gun to the game. A picture was teased on Twitter.



The game features a weekly update in order to keep it as bug free and balanced as possible, with the Vector being added on Thursday April 20th’s patch.

Full details of what the update will include have yet to be revealed, but the patch notes are expected late on Tuesday April 18th.

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