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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Pine Showed Off His Widowmaker Skills with an Incredible Play in the Overwatch League Stage 1 Final

New York Excelsior’s Kim ‘Pine’ Do-hyun ended Stage 1 with perhaps the most impressive play of the Overwatch League so far. Pine has been one of the biggest stand-out players of the first stage of the OWL. A mechanical monster with the likes of McCree and Widowmaker, Pine’s skillset and playstyle produces highlight plays like no other. Of those two heroes, Pine stamped his name onto the league with the former, spending his first few matches as an Ilios specialist. Excelsior would sub him in for the Control map, wherein he would dominate completely, before disappearing as fast as he appeared. His performance quickly earned him the nickname “Big Boss Pine”. He might not have appeared often, but when he did he could hit harder than any other player. x As the season progressed, Pine began to appear a little more frequently. His quite specialized skill-set meant he’s generally remained a sub rather than a starter, his DPS team-mates Park ‘Saebyeolbe’ Jong-yeol and Kim ‘Libero’ Hye-sung often a better fit, but Excelsior increasingly found more ways to implement their high-impact hitscan player. The team ultimately ended the stage at the top of the standings, having suffered only a single loss in the regular season. As a result, they had a free pass to the finals of the stage playoffs, where they ultimately fought London Spitfire for the title. On the first map, Junkertown, Pine was starting in place of Saebyeolbe. The defensive side in particular is quite suited to Widowmaker, and it was in this capacity that Pine pulled off arguably his most impressive play yet. As London pushed through the second Stage, Pine found an opening by coming around behind them. The Widowmaker flank isn’t the most common of plays, and it seems clear that London weren’t expecting it – if they were, at least, they were powerless to stop it. Several incredible flicks later, four members of the Spitfire dead, their push halted entirely. As with most Pine highlights, there wasn’t a whole lot of nuance to the play – just a display of sheer mechanical mastery from one of the most skilled players in the world.