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Pictures of All 15 H1Z1 Pro League Team Skins – Price and Information

The H1Z1 Pro League will begin on April 1st as 15 esports organizations send their five-man squads into battle in Las Vegas.

H1Z1 was created by Daybreak found immense popularity in 2015, but after the likes of PUBG and Fortnite took over the BR market, over 90% of the player base was reported to have left the title.

Following the downturn in players, H1Z1 launched a couple of new initiatives in 2018 to recapture the audience that can now be found on other titles.

Alongside making the game free and launching a new car-themed mode, the H1Z1 Pro League was officially announced after over a year of teasing.

Fifteen teams made up of both popular and up and coming brands announced their franchise spots, including Team Solomid, Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming and Echo Fox.

On April 14th the H1Z1 Pro League team released their in-game esports skins for the 15 teams, with a hoodie and parachute available for purchase at $19.99 each, or the full pack for $269.99. Buying the full pack also gets you a special skin to show you stumped up the big money.



H1Z1 Pro League Team Skins


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