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Archive • Dec 06, 2017

Parasite Heading Into CWL Dallas: "Playing with new players is awesome but at the same time can be very stressful"

Chris 'Parasite' Duarte, one of Call of Duty's longest serving and most recognizable professional players, is coming into the CoD: WWII season with an exciting new team. The 2013 Call of Duty World Champion, and former Evil Geniuses player, is now the captain of Ground Zero - a new team with backing from a silent partner/organization that is yet to be revealed.

Parasite is joined on the roster by Jeremy 'StuDyy" Astacio and young up-and-comers 'Blazt' and 'Fero' - forming a team with a scary amount of talent. The team successfully managed to qualify directly into pool play at the $200,000 CWL Dallas event after some strong showings during the North American online 2K tournaments. Their group for the event will include Luminosity Gaming, Team Vitality, Epsilon Esports, and one more team that will earn their spot through the open bracket.

We spoke to Parasite ahead of the tournament and got the veteran's thoughts on his new team, teaming with new players, and the current state of Call of Duty: WWII.   Parasite ended the Infinite Warfare season with Evil Geniuses   You’ve finally settled on the name Ground Zero. What was the inspiration behind the name and the logo? Ground Zero was my first ever team name when I went to my first major LAN in 2011. This brand is something I hold dearly when it comes to my origins of competing at the highest level.

  You’ve mentioned previously that the team is being supported by a silent organization on a "trial basis". What do you need to achieve in order for that affiliation to be made public? Will you keep the name Ground Zero in that instance or adopt their name? Our trial basis with said org began with the release of WWII. We just need to continue our online success at LAN and then go from there. It’s still unclear whether we will be able to reveal new information after Dallas.   You’ve got two young, up and coming players on your team. How does it compare to playing with veterans in both a positive and negative way? Playing with new players is awesome but at the same time can be very stressful. I had to have a ton of patience for the last month, let’s just say that.   Read More:   You qualified for Pool Play with three strong performances in the first three 2K tournaments. What do you make of your group, and the teams involved, compared to the others? I think if we continue to play like we do online then we can only do better at Dallas. I believe our group is less strenuous than the others but I could be proved wrong this weekend.   The Black Ops 2 World Champion believes that CoD: WWII has great potential   Call of Duty WWII has been out for a month now. What do you make of the game as an esport and how does it compare to the golden generation of boots on the ground games? I believe that CoD: WWII, even with all its early flaws, will go down as the second best competitive BOTG CoD when it’s all over. I really believe in the team at Sledgehammer games.   Aside from OpTic Gaming, which teams do you see as the biggest threat to take the title at CWL Dallas? I think Luminosity Gaming and Team EnVyUs are also very strong candidates for potential CWL Dallas victors.   Finally, are there any teams in particular that you’d like to take down at CWL Dallas and why? I don’t really have my targets set on any one particular team. I just want to win. -

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