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Archive • Jan 11, 2018

Pamaj Has a Clear Message for Players Who Complain About Snipers in WWII

After seeing a number of players complain about snipers on Call of Duty: World War II, OpTic Gaming's Austin 'Pamaj' Pamajewon has sent a clear message. The Canadian YouTube star is known for his sniping skills and has been heavily grinding Sledgehammer Games' title since before its worldwide release, with early access.

It's no secret the Call of Duty community often takes to social media to share their thoughts and frustrations about the game, but after seeing others complain about snipers in the game, Pamaj had some fairly choice words. As a talented sniper, it seems he's become fed up with players complaining about the power and damage of the weapons, and want to see them nerfed.

However, Pamaj said the same argument has been going on for years and instead of complaining, people should be adapting their play styles to avoid those using snipers and shouldn't blame the weapons if they have a bad game.

When one fan asked him to stay out of ranked play to stop encouraging others from using snipers, Pamaj's advice was straight to the point. With a number of weapons having been rebalanced since the game's release on November 3rd, is it possible sniper rifles could be next? x