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Archive • Jan 09, 2018

Overwatch League Team Skins Are Now Available for Purchase

Team skins for Overwatch League teams are now available to buy in-game. In order to help clarify the hectic action of Overwatch for spectators, one of Blizzard’s new features for the Overwatch League was the introduction of team hero skins. First showed off for the Overwatch World Cup teams, it was announced that every team in the OWL would have their own skins for every hero in the game in both home and away colors. It was also revealed that the skins would be made available for purchase by players in-game.

It was announced today at the Overwatch League media day by Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League commissioner, that the skins would be made available by the end of the day. Sure enough, the team skins are now in the live game. x The update that brings the team skins to the game also introduces an Overwatch League section to the main menu. There, players can not only see and purchase OWL team skins, but also see a limited OWL schedule. Only the home team skins have been made available – the away skins, which are all primarily white and differentiated only by the team branding on each, have likely been deemed too indistinct to properly show off team affiliation in public matches. Each skin costs 100 League Tokens – the new in-game currency introduced to separate OWL purchases from the rest of the game. Players can buy League Tokens in amounts of 100, 200, 400, 900, or 2600, equating to a cost per skin of between $4.99 and £3.85, depending on the bulk of Token purchase. Fifty percent of the revenue from the sale of Overwatch League team skins, like other team merchandise, will go into a “net shared revenue pool” for all twelve Overwatch League teams. Every player who logs into the game before Ferbruary 9th will receive 100 League Tokens, enabling them to acquire one skin for free. The Overwatch League is set to kick off on January 10th.