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Archive • Feb 23, 2018

Overwatch Hero Zenyatta Walking is Hilarious and Unnerving

Blizzard have shown what it looks like when Zenyatta walks, and it’s as amusing as it is odd. Zenyatta is an omnic monk who dedicated himself to philosophizing about the meaning of life for a sentient robot, and through spiritual meditation came to the conclusion that artificially intelligent omnics have souls.

Apparently, along the way to spiritual enlightenment Zenyatta picked up a number of skills, including sending orbs of destruction flying at his enemies, entering into a transcendent state that heals his allies, and the ability to hover. Exactly how it is that Zenyatta floats has never been fully explained. Other omnics have been shown walking in animated shorts, for instance, and Zenyatta doesn’t have any obvious thrusters to help him achieve what is essentially perpetual flight, albeit limited to just above the ground.

Whatever the source of Zenyatta’s miraculous ability, however, it seems clear that he’s now spent too long without returning to the ground. In response to a sign from a fan in the crowd at the Overwatch League, the official Overwatch Twitter revealed what it looks like when Zenyatta walks. Let’s just say he doesn’t look particularly well-practiced.