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OpTic’s Karma Releases Video on Infinite Warfare Problems

The major Infinite Warfare issues have been discussed by OpTic Gaming player, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow.

The professional player is the only two time world champion alongside Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, and after competing for over eight years at the top, the Canadian is not happy with the latest Call of Duty.

Going into detail about a Reddit post he made ranting about in-game characters, Uplink and traits, he explains that he didn’t mean to cause offence with what he wrote, but he’s sick of the current situation.

Beginning with the lobby issue that is stopping teams from scrimming, the topic turns to the lack of developer support the pro players have and the inability to get something fixed.

After discussing issues in the game, he continues to explain that he’s going to be unable to do interviews going forward with the likes of Activision if this doesn’t get rectified, as he can no longer keep quiet about the problems.


He ends the video with an analogy, comparing Infinite Warfare to an essay that Infinity Ward have wrote, but have failed to proof read.

It’s a heartfelt message from the veteran player, but worryingly for fans, it looks like he’s at the end of patience.

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