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Archive • Jan 30, 2018

OpTic's Crimsix on Latest Weapon Scandal 'No wonder why PC elitist call us Console Monkeys'

The latest weapon drama coming out of the professional Call of Duty scene is all down the use of duelist pistols. First used in a professional capacity by James 'Clayster' Eubanks when playing Splyce in the groups of the CWL New Orleans, they've widely been considered as 'overpowered', but have largely been absent due to a perceived 'gentleman's agreement' in place between the pro players.

To reference the power level of the duelist, Call of Duty YouTube analyst Drift0r has even made a video about how they have the power to break the meta in both casual and competitive modes. Despite the high profile nature of the weapon, eRa Eternity player Maurice 'Fero' Henriquez decided to use duelist pistols when playing against OpTic Gaming the CWL Pro League Challenge.

The sixteen team online competition featuring eight of the teams competing in that week of the CWL Pro League, against the top eight teams from the CWL 2K, was whittled down to just two on Monday January 30th. Fero and his duelist pistols were instrumental in securing the win during the last map SnD, as they took the title 3-2 and claimed the $1,500 prize.

Shortly after the map, OpTic Gaming player Ian 'Crimsix' Porter made his feelings known about the ability to use two pistols, and referenced console esports reputation with PC fans. x At the time of writing there has been no announcement by Sledgehammer regarding a nerf, however, based on the feedback of both pro players and casual fans, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them changed in the next update. OpTic and eRa will both compete in the CWL Pro League as part of Division A on Tuesday January 30th. Click here to view the full schedule for week two. x