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OpTic SCUF House Members Share Likes and Dislikes About Living with Gamers

What’s the best and worst thing about living with a bunch of gamers?

OpTic Gaming’s Nick ‘Maniac’ Kershner took the time to interview his housemates inside the OpTic SCUF House to find out the best and worst things.

The former professional Halo player uploaded his ‘comeback’ video to YouTube after concentrating on streaming for the previous two months.

A common trend throughout the duration of the video is that the hardest and most annoying part of living in a team house of content creators is the various schedules everyone operates on. This was evident as it took two days for Maniac to record the video due to people being awake at different times.

There was positives of course, with everyone saying they enjoy each others company and generally always have someone to hang out with. The video features Will ‘BigTymer’ Johnson, Mike ‘Flamesword’ Chavez, Marcus ‘Mboze’ Blanks and Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajawon.


How long will the new found motivation for uploading videos continue for Maniac? After concentrating on streaming for a number of months, he appears to have motivated himself back into the upload schedule.

He may also be aided by introduction of new house members, with CS:GO player Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Canellas and videographer Aaron Create moving from the CS house.

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