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The OpTic Party is Cancelled at CWL Anaheim

OpTic Gaming finished CWL Anaheim Saturday with defeat against Luminosity Gaming.

OpTic dominated their Pool in near unprecedented fashion, wrapping up their four games with a flawless 4-0 game, 12-0 map record.

But a closer look at the Pool suggests that Pool D may have created a false positive for OpTic Gaming fans.

While they were ruthlessly efficient in their dismantling of eUnited, Fnatic, Fury and Mindfreak, weak opposition did little to prepare OpTic Gaming for the road ahead.

Weeks earlier and eUnited would have been among the favorites to lift the Anaheim title, but with star man Gunless voluntarily benched, the Atlanta winners looked a shadow of their former selves.

Fnatic and Mindfreak were both poor in their respective series against OpTic Gaming; Mindfreak was poor against everyone, in fact, going 0-12 across their four games.

Fury came out of the Loser Bracket and took 3rd place in the Pool but even they offered little to no resistance against the Green Wall.

At this point, OpTic Gaming looked unstoppable, while on Twitter fans were lauding the individual stats of Formal, Scump and Crimsix, as the OG trio occupied the top 3 places on the slayer ranking boards. For some, OpTic had one hand on the trophy.


But the reality was, OpTic were yet to face real competition; a team of the caliber of Luminosity. A wake-up call beaconed.

On the contrast, Luminosity didn’t shine in their Pool. A defeat to Epsilon left them chasing the European quartet and things could have been much worse had they not held their nerve against Red Reserve to marginally steer home a 3-2 series.

OpTic were anything but poor in their series against Luminosity. It took an exceptional performance to take down the Paris and Dallas champions, but Luminosity were equipped for the task, as they had been at the Stage One finals only weeks ago.

Luminosity took map one but quickly found themselves on the back foot, as OpTic won consecutive maps. From there, though, it was all LG. A solid Hardpoint performance was rounded out with a one-sided S&D performance. OpTic were stunned – crumbling again at the hands of Luminosity Gaming.


The rowdy crowd were equally silenced. For all the hype in the world, nothing was stopping the Luminosity train as the marched on towards a Winner Semis showdown with Evil Geniuses.

This isn’t new territory for OpTic. In Atlanta, Scump and co fought their way through the Loser Bracket to earn a place in the Grand Final. While they didn’t win that day, they certainly redeemed themselves.

Can they repeat the same feat on Championship Sunday of Anaheim as they go in defense of their title?

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