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OpTic Gaming Exploring Options Outside of Chicago

The question of whether OpTic Gaming could be leaving the Chicago area has been discussed by owner, Hector ‘H3cz’ Rodrgiuez.

After recent comments on Twitter and daily vlogs about leaving, he’s openly talked about the matter in order to clear up the situation.

At present the Call of Duty, Counter Strike and content team are all based in Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, around 30 miles from Illinois’s biggest city.

In his daily vlog from Tuesday January 10th, H3cz talks about both the cold weather and the suburb location causing issues and with members of the team, who have expressed a desire for sunnier climates and city living.

He continues to reveal that they have explored options in other cities, but have yet to make any kind of decision. Although stopping himself short of saying too much, he does hint that it could be a business opportunity that would seal the deal.


The idea raises questions as to whether the brand could be associated with a traditional sports team like Team Dignitas are with the Philadelphia 76ers, or a city potentially paying to have their name associated with the fan favourite brand.

It doesn’t look like OpTic will be leaving the Chicago area in the¬†immediate future, but after this video, fans will be asking when¬†they’ll move, rather than if.


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