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Archive • Sep 12, 2017

OpTic Gaming Reportedly Obtains Overwatch League Spot and Applies for LCS

Fan favorite esports organization OpTic Gaming has reportedly obtained an Overwatch League team spot in preparation for their move to Dallas, Texas. Originally reported by ESPN via sources close to the team, OpTic will be purchasing the Houston, Texas Overwatch League position in a deal with an investment group led by Neil Leibman, Texas Rangers co-owner. With rosters in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, and Gears of War, the expansion would add a team in one of the most popular esports titles around the world. x Read More: x Although no start time has been officially announced for the OWL, major investors, such as New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft and New York Mets Owner Jeff Wilpon, have spent millions to secure their rights to a team. It is claimed that OpTic will be paying somewhere near $20 million over time for the opportunity, and will also be applying for a North American League of Legends spot. The Green Wall has come up short for a position within the LCS in the past while attempting to purchase Curse Academy, which later went on to be known as Gravity Gaming. While the various investments into major esports may have been the plan all along for the organization in their move to Dallas, Texas, it is still unknown at the time of writing if the deals are confirmed. Many believe that an official announcement regarding the situation will debut during Vision, a weekly documentary series on YouTube following all aspects of the major organization, however, no official comment from the organization has been made at this time. x

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