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Archive • Aug 11, 2017

Mindfreak Blacks Out Against OpTic Gaming | Call of Duty Championship 2017

Photo: Lance Skundich/ MLG

Call of Duty Championship 2017

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Winner's Round 1

 OpTic Gaming: Scump, Crimsix, FormaL, Karma


 Mindfreak Black: Zepa, Setzyy, Hopey, SwiftaZ0r

In a matchup that many would consider lopsided, OpTic Gaming and Mindfreak Black faced off in the first round of the Winner's Bracket at the Call of Duty Championship. Considered one of the best teams in the professional Call of Duty scene, OpTic Gaming would struggle off the break, even tied with the Australian MF Black 120-120 at one point. They would regain form in the end, pulling away to a 250-148 win on Retaliation Hardpoint. Crusher SnD would be a much closer battle. Kainen 'SwiftaZ0r' Kini of MF Black would make his presence known, carrying his team throughout the match, although the Green Wall would stand tall, winning 6-4. The floodgates would open on Frost Uplink, with OpTic pulling out to an 8-2 lead at the half. Continuing on, Ian 'Crimsix' Porter would come alive, leading the team to a 15-3 thrashing, and a 3-0 victory. A majority of fans believed that the match would be a 3-0, however, they could be surprised that some maps were relatively close. x OpTic Gaming vs Mindfreak Black 3-0  Hardpoint: 250-148 SnD: 6-4 Uplink: 15-3 x Up next for these teams: OpTic Gaming vs Splyce in Winner's round 2 Mindfreak Black vs Enigma6 x

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