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OpTic Gaming Unstoppable During CWL Anaheim Pool Play

OpTic Gaming have secured a flawless first place in Pool D at the CWL Anaheim Open.

At the biggest event of the Infinite Warfare season so far – the Global Pro League Stage One Playoffs – OpTic made the all-too-familiar mistake of having a slow start, which ultimately they were unable to recover from, failing to make the final for the first time this calendar year.

Evidently, it’s not a mistake they were keen on repeating – at the CWL Anaheim Open, mere weeks since their Pro League disappointment, OpTic Gaming have concluded their group stage without dropping a single map.

It’s fair to say that their pool wasn’t the toughest of the event. Their premier competition for the top spot should perhaps have been eUnited, one of the most anticipated match-ups in Call of Duty a few months prior.

Having been wrapped up in some intra-team drama of late and now missing star player Pierce ‘Gunless’ Hillman, however, eUnited aren’t quite the threat they once were.


Before they met them, however, OpTic had to go through Mindfreak and Fnatic – strong squads in their own right, but not yet of the calibre required to challenge the green wall – and pushed both aside with relative ease. A third sweep over eUnited would round out OpTic’s first day.

The final obstacle ahead of the OpTic squad would be open bracket qualifiers FURY Gaming, who had kicked off their own pool play campaign with a 3-1 victory against Fnatic. Again, however, they would be no match for an OpTic who seem to have lost no momentum coming into Saturday, who walked through them to sweep the group.


Despite the relative miss-match within the pool, OpTic fans can still be pleased with the result. Their may not have been an equal for the team to contend with, but to escape the group stages without dropping a single map implies a focus that will continue to pay dividends if they can maintain it.

OpTic Gaming appear to be out for blood at the CWL Anaheim Open, and when that’s the case they’ve proven themselves perhaps the most dangerous Call of Duty team of all time.

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