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Archive • Feb 19, 2018

OpTic Gaming Fan Reveals Impressive Tattoo of Their Logo

Can you really call yourself a fan of a team if you don’t have their logo branded permanently on your skin? Apparently not. One OpTic Gaming superfan has gone the extra mile when it comes to proving his dedication to the ever popular esports and entertainment organization.

OpTic Gaming has some of the most dedicated fans of any organization, with the “Green Wall” being known to members of any esports community that the team is involved in. However, in Call of Duty the OpTic supporters are so vocal and make up such a significant proportion of the total fan base that you’d be forgiven for believing that other teams don’t have any. Some of those fans are so invested in the brand, in fact, that they are willing to have it tattooed in pride of place on their body.

That was certainly the case for xjord94 on Twitter, who shared an impressively detailed tattoo on his forearm on February 19th.  

  Below the OpTic logo, the dedicated supporter also has a tattoo of the Derby County Football Club logo’s iconic ram. It just goes to show that, for some people, esports are just as serious as conventional sports like football or rugby. We think it’s fair to say that Jordan is well and truly a member of the Green Wall.