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OpTic Gaming Crush FaZe For The Fourth Time In a Row

The OpTic Gaming Call of Duty pain train continues after defeating FaZe Clan in the winner bracket final at CWL Dallas.

Coming into the event OpTic had a 9-1 record on maps against their rivals after one win at CWL Dallas and a two series win at CWL Paris.

After OG narrowly took down the British squad of Splyce in the winner bracket semi-final, the general consensus was that FaZe would provide more of a challenge, but the reality turned out to be different.

A close Hardpoint Scorch set the precedent with a 250-198 scoreline and with the crowd heavily behind the fan favourites, they proceeded to win Throwback SnD 6-3 and Uplink Frost 8-2.

The win takes OpTic to an impressive 12-1 map record across the last four series between the two teams,¬†making FaZe Clan’s victory in December 2016 at CWL Las Vegas a distant memory.


FaZe will now drop to face eUnited in the loser bracket final, whilst OpTic wait in the grand final for the victor.

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