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Archive • Nov 13, 2017

OpTic Gaming Win North American Online CWL 2K Sunday November 12th – Final Placements

OpTic Gaming has claimed the first North American CWL 2K Tournament of the Call of Duty: WWII season by defeating Luminosity in the Grand Final. The top 32 teams of over 700 signups all earned pro points, with the winners taking 2,000 per player and this amount dropping depending on which stage a team was eliminated. For the reigning world champions it was business as usual as they cruised to victory, dropping only one map through the entire tournament to Team Kaliber. Other big names struggled to live up to expectations - Evil Geniuses could only manage a top 32 finish while the highly anticipated debut for EnVyUs ended in the round of 16 with a 3-0 loss to Rise Nation. The tournament did not finish until the early hours of Monday morning with a number of professional players expressing a desire to change the way that the 2Ks are run in the future. Find the top 32 teams below, as well as the pro points and cash prizes that they earned. Note: Prize money is split between the four participating players. Pro Points shown are award to every player on the roster.

Final Placements

 Placing  Team  Roster  Cash prize + Pro Points
 1 OpTic Gaming  FormaL, Karma, Scump, Crimsix  $1,500 + 2 000 PP
 2  Luminosity  JKap, Slacked, Octane, John  $500 + 1 200 PP
 3/4 Team Kaliber  Theory, Accuracy, Kenny, Chino  800 PP
 3/4  Enigma6  General, Dashy, Decimate, Bevils  800 PP
 5/8 Rise Nation  Loony, AquA, FeLonY, TJHaly  600 PP
 5/8 Zodiac  BBaker870, BrettJump, NauX, ZackGodLike  600 PP
 5/8 Hunnit (Parasite's team)  Parasite, MBoZe, Blaztful, ferocitys  600 PP
 5/8  Ghost Gaming  Maux, SpaceLy, LlamaGod, Lacefield  600 PP
 9/16  eUnited  SiLLY, Clayster, Prestinni, Arcitys  400 PP
 9/16  EnVyUs  SlasheR, Huke, Classic, Temp  400 PP
 9/16 Team Solstice  Jumpeezy, KaaYco, KickZeM, Kluey  400 PP
 9/16  Pure Gaming Sharp, Neslo, Whea7s, Stainville  400 PP
 9/16 To Be Decided  StuDyy, Methodz, Blfire, Nagafen  400 PP
 9/16  Rockets Esports  Dimi, TwiZz, NeLsoN, TClaM  400 PP
 9/16  Canada x NY  Goonjar, oProto, Royalty, Xotic  400 PP
 9/16 Korean Marco  Atura, BrolicPG, Parzelion, Stumpfy  400 PP
 17/32  Beyond Reality  Hitmxn-AR, JetLii, Neonn98, SinfuL  200 PP
 17/32  Amity  happy, Mosh, Diabolic, Remy  200 PP
 17/32  eRa Eternity  Dedo, Havok, Rallied, FEARS  200 PP
 17/32  FURY  Stevey, GoaTempo, CBALL, Shhipping  200 PP
 17/32  Evil Geniuses ACHES, NAMELESS, Apathy, Enable  200 PP
 17/32  Team Allegiance  Spoof, Mayhem, Nova, Believe  200 PP
 17/32  Praying Dawg (KiLLa's Team) KiLLa, Mochila, Sender, Swarley  200 PP
 17/32  Echo Fox  Saints, Assault, Faccento, Gunless  200 PP
 17/32  Bunz Mcgridiezzz  Ramey, Gunnection, oDealio, Penno  200 PP
 17/32  Relic GG  PaulEhx, SStoried, Tisch, Brparadox  200 PP
 17/32  Chilli Gang  GoaTizM, JAYMAN, RayLyaR, SeMuHN  200 PP
 17/32  FaZe Clan  ZooMaa, Attach, Replays, Priest  200 PP
 17/32  Iceberg  Legal, Hec, Huhdle, Apox  200 PP
 17/32  eBandits  Apxllo, Beastly, Rebell, kingPull  200 PP
 17/32  ex-Rogue  GodRx, Stamino, Pandur, Johnny  200 PP
 17/32  Hellfire MoTi, Envader, CFoncho, Thing2  200 PP

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