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OpTic Gaming Advance Over Splyce to Meet FaZe Clan

The winner bracket semi-final matchup between OpTic Gaming and Splyce didn’t fail to deliver on action.

The two household names from either side of the Atlantic Ocean played out on mainstage at the $200,000 CWL Dallas event.

As expected the crowd were behind the fan favourites, OpTic, but that didn’t stop the British squad of Splyce putting up a fight.

The two teams traded maps back and forth, with OpTic leading on two separate occasions before the 4th map of Hardpoint Scorch levelled up the game to send it to the fifth map.

Search and Destroy Throwback would be the destination for the final battle with Splyce taking an early lead.

The crowd got behind OpTic however and they started to show their true talent, clutching up what seemed like impossible situations and eventually taking back control to win 6-4.


It was a valiant effort by the new look Splyce team who have shown they can hang with the bestĀ of North America, but ultimately it also proved that OpTic are stillĀ the team to beat.

FaZe Clan awaits the Green Wall in the winner bracket final in a repeat of ESWC’s CWL Paris event when OG took down their rivals 3-0 to advance to the final.

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