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Archive • Nov 22, 2017

OpTic Friberg Identifies Some of the CS:GO Team's Current Issues

OpTic Gaming CS:GO’s in-game leader Adam ‘friberg’ Friberg has discussed the team’s current issues. OpTic Gaming shocked fans and pundits at the $300,000 IEM Oakland 2017 tournament where they achieved a 5th - 6th finish. However, the previous week saw the European roster struggle at iBUYPOWER Masters and get eliminated by Renegades in 3rd-4th position. During an episode of OpTic’s “Vision” video series, a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s experience at iBUYPOWER Masters highlighted some of the issues that they are still dealing with. Following their comfortable 2-0 loss to Renegades, on Cache and Overpass, friberg can be seen discussing the communication issues that contributing to some of their losses. Speaking to Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas and the least experienced member of the roster, Kevin ‘HS’ Tarn, the veteran highlights the importance of making sure that comms are heard and relayed. The Swede says:  
We are too bad on the information right now you are talking very low a lot of times as well and, like, if you have super crucial information and I don’t react to it you scream and you have to take initiative and you should say “COME B, I hear that no-one is B we should search B, they have used all their nades, they have no AWPer B” something like this. I will try to listen to everything but I can’t, like, I’m also playing… I can’t just sit in T spawn and wait for everyone to tell me stuff and I only listen and then I will focus. Maybe I can do this in a year or so but right now I haven’t been an IGL for long enough to be able to do it. That means that everyone needs to take initiative for me.
  Friberg played as an entry fragger for NiP from August 2012 until he left the team in July of 2017. He has never been an in-game leader before and is learning the role while also trying to get used to playing with an international team for the first time. In a following interview segment of the video, friberg discusses the learning process for the team and his hopes for the future:  
We’re gonna go to a lot of other events coming up and we’re gonna keep building our team and fix all the mistakes and learn new things every event that we go to and hopefully we can come home with a trophy, if not this year then in the beginning of next year because I really believe in our team and we have a lot of potential.
  The full Vision episode can be found below.  

Image Credit: HLTV