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It’s Official: SK Gaming and Virtus.pro to play Football Match After ESL Cologne



Are you ready? On the night of July 10, immediately following the  ESL ONE playoffs, it’s off to on one of the football fields in Cologne, Germany, where Virtus.pro will square off with SK Gaming in football match that will have officials, linesmen, and more. PashaBiceps versus Fallen. Europe versus Brazil–Live.

When Pashabiceps took to twitter and challenged Fallen to a football match, there would be no backing down.


Then the stakes got high–really high.


So after the two decided they wanted this match to happen, there was still some work to be done. The managing partner of ESForce, Anton Cherepennikov, promised to inquire to ESL about the possibility of playing the match. Then the Vice President for ESL, Michal Blicharz, stepped in and asked for a date when the match would be played.

And with the help of many, Anton Cherepennikov announced, the match would be on!

So now the only thing that’s left is for the two to get their rosters in order to play in the most hyped game in esports history.

Best of luck to both teams!


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