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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Oddshot Have Delayed Their Shutdown to Allow Users to Save Their Favorite Moments

Oddshot have delayed their shutdown in order for users to save their favorite moments and clips before they disappear. With the online gaming and entertainment industry expanding rapidly over the course of recent years, the importance of video content has been put on display for creators on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and other major companies within the industry. Live video content and the ability to interact with viewers in a more 'real-life' setting has gained a substantial bit of notoriety, with massive streamers such as Dr DisRespect, Summit1g, and various personalities becoming some of the most recognized individuals within the community as a whole during their rise to the top. Since its release, Oddshot allowed viewers and fans to highlight and capture clips directly from a live stream broadcast, allowing them to share the particular moment with others and expand the streaming community as a whole by 'solidifying' these situations. However, after the introduction of Twitch Clips made it easier for viewers to capture a broadcast, Oddshot, a third-party platform, was seemingly unable to continue operation after an announcement stated that they would be shutting down permanently on Monday, February 12th. Yet, on the same day as they were supposed to close their doors, Oddshot announced that they will remain online until Wednesday, February 14th for users to save their favorite moments before the servers shut down.   If you have any clips or moments that you wish to save before the 14th, you must right-click on the respective video and select 'Save Video As.' More information behind the decision for Oddshot to shut down can be found right here, including a full statement from the platform.