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NRG Esports Add iddqd To Overwatch Roster

NRG Esports have announced another change to their Overwatch team.

A little over a month ago, it was reported that NRG would be restructuring their Overwatch roster. Despite being headlined by Overwatch’s most high-profile player, Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, the team have failed to pick up big results, finishing 9th-12th in APEX Season One, 5th-6th at MLG Vegas, and failing to qualify for the Overwatch Winter Premiere.

Now, NRG have confirmed their first major move, bringing in André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström. One of the most notable free agents on the market, the star DPS player has been without a team since he was removed from the starting line-up of Fnatic in October 2016, due to clashes in personality. Iddqd also played on the Sweden team that placed third at the Overwatch World Cup.

Alongside Seagull and iddqd will be Tim ‘dummy’ Olson and Seb ‘numlocked’ Barton, support and tank respectively from the original NRG line-up. The final two spots on the roster have yet to be confirmed, though in an interview with Over.gg, numlocked confirmed that the team intended to field a roster in the Monthly Melee at the end of February, either with a finalised squad or players on trial. Numlocked also confirmed the intention to move everyone on the roster to the USA, where they would be able to train together at a practice facility.

NRG Esports Overwatch:

  • USA Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned
  • USA Tim ‘dummy’ Olson
  • uk flag Seb ‘numlocked’ Barton
  • sweden André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström

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