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Archive • Dec 06, 2017

North American CoD Pro Points Standings After 4th CWL 2K - December 6th

The fourth and final 2K Series tournament prior to the Call of Duty World League Dallas Open has wrapped up with OpTic Gaming and Luminosity holding strong at the top of the Pro Point rankings. With the $200,000 CWL Dallas Open right around the corner between December 8th and December 10th, teams have attempted to solidify themselves in the Pro Point standings via online GameBattles matches and weekly 2K tournaments since the release of CoD: WWII. While the 16 Pool Play teams for the upcoming LAN event were already decided a week prior, the December 3rd/ 4th 2K was the last opportunity for squads going through the Open Bracket to strengthen their seeding with the Pro Point cutoff for Dallas occurring on December 5th. Related: CWL Dallas Pool Play Groups However, even though a team such as 'Sauga' was able to break their way into the top 10 with a strong performance in the recent tournament, they will still need to go through Open Bracket as the number one seed from North America. Below, we have compiled a list of the top 25 North American teams in terms of Pro Points as of Wednesday, December 6th, although, it should be noted that some Open Bracket teams managed to obtain more Points AFTER the December 5th lock, meaning that it is not an accurate representation of how the bracket will be created for CWL Dallas. More information on the upcoming CWL Dallas Open can be found right here. North American Pro Point Standings - Wednesday, December 6th 10: 30 AM EST
Rank Team Pro Points Roster
1  OpTic Gaming 29 110  Crimsix, Scump, FormaL, Karma
2  Luminosity Gaming 21 735  Jkap, John, Slacked, Octane
3  Team Kaliber 17 320  Accuracy, Chino, Theory, Kenny
4  eUnited 16 405  Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni, SiLLY
5  Ghost Gaming 13 520  Maux, SpaceLy, LlamaGod, Lacefield
6  Ground Zero 12 985  Parasite, Study, Blaztful, Ferocitys
7  Rise Nation 12 725  Felo, Loony, TJHaly, Aqua
8  Team EnVyUs 12 460  Slasher, Huke, Temp, Classic
9  Enigma6 12 345  General, Bevils, Dashy, Decemate
10  Sauga 12 205  Goonjar, Royalty, Proto, Xotic
11  Evil Geniuses 10 835  NAMELESS, Aches, Apathy, Enable
12  SiNister 10 115  Johnny, GodRx, Pandur, Stamino
13  Echo Fox 9 445  Gunless, Assault, Faccento, Saints
14  Allegiance 9 410  Spoof, Believe, Mayhem, Nova
15  Next Threat 8 680  Censor, Methodz, Nagafen, Ricky
16  PureGG 8 585  Sharp, Whea7s, Neslo, Stainville
17  Lethal Gaming 8 565  TeddyRecks, MuTeX, MajorManiak, Ramby
18  HellFire 8 500  MoTi, Envder, MoneyMizuno, MTFly
19  Zodiac 8 055  Jump, Baker, Godlike, Naux
20  Rockets Esports 7 680  Nelson, Twizz, TcM, Dimi
21  FaZe Clan 7 530  Attach, ZooMaa, Replays, Priest
22  Amity 7 330  Remy, Mosh, Diabolic, Happy
23  Beyond Reality 7 305  Hitmxn, JetLi, LispZeus, Neonn
24  EZG Esports 7 205  JHAAZE, Stumpfy, Atura, Parzelion
25  eRa 7 070  Dedo, Havok, Rallied, ProoFy

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