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North American Call of Duty: WWII Pro Points Standings – Saturday, November 25th

The start of the new Call of Duty: WWII season has teams racing to collect coveted Pro Points in order to set themselves up for better seeding at tournaments down the line, along with the Pro League.

Released on November 3rd, CoD: WWII brought the long-awaited return of ‘boots on the ground’ combat back to the storied franchise after three years of ‘advanced movement’ mechanics, making it one of the most hyped titles in series history.

With the CWL Dallas Open rapidly approaching at the beginning of December, players and teams alike have been scrambling to obtain Pro Point via GameBattles matches and online 2K Tournaments, which assist in seeding for the first major LAN event of the year.

Only the top 10 teams in Pro Points will qualify for Pool Play at CWL Dallas, with the remainder of the squads forced to battle it out within the Open Bracket. The First Stage of the Pro League will also feature 10 North American teams, with 18 included in the new online National Circuit.

The 3rd 2K of the season will take place on November 26th, and with pool play spots locked in on November 27th, it is the last opportunity for teams to win significant pro points.

Following the first 2 NA 2K Series on November 12th and November 19th, we have included a list of the top 27 teams in the region as of Saturday, November 25th at 12:00 PM EST. These rankings are subject to change.

Rank Team Roster Pro Points
1  OpTic Gaming Crimsix, Scump, FormaL, Karma 17 680
2  Luminosity Gaming Jkap, John, Slacked, Octane 12 260
3  Team Kaliber Accuracy, Chino, Theory, Kenny 9 380
4  Team EnVyUs Slasher, Huke, Temp, Classic 7 720
5  Enigma6 General, Bevils, Dashy, Decemate 7 690
6  Team Parasite Parasite, Study, Blaztful, Ferocitys 7 455
7  Ghost Gaming Maux, SpaceLy, LlamaGod, Lacefield 7 425
8  Rise Nation Felo, Loony, TJHaly, Aqua 7 300
9  Rockets Esports Nelson, Twizz, TcM, Dimi 6 280
10  Team Methodz Methodz, Nagafen, Blfire, Sinful 6 170
11  Evil Geniuses NAMELESS, Aches, Apathy, Enable 6 130
12  Team Royalty Goonjar, Royalty, Proto, Xotic 5 970
13  eUnited Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni, SiLLY 5 925
14  Hardstruck JHAAZE, Stumpfy, Atura, Parzelion 5 685
15  Zodiac Jump, Baker, Godlike, Naux 5 315
16  Hellfire MoTi, Envader, MoneyMizuno, MTFly 4 865
17  Allegiance Spoof, Believe, Mayhem, Nova 4 670
18  PureGG Sharp, Whea7s, Neslo, Stainville 4 645
19  Lethal Ramby, Teddy, MuTeX, Maniak 4 625
20  Team Johnny Johnny, GodRx, Pandur, Stamino 4 575
21  Cyclone KickZem, Kluey, KaaYco, Jumpy 4 485
22  FaZe Clan Attach, ZooMaa, Replays, Priest 4 400
23  Relic Paradox, DraMa, Storied, Tisch 4 380
24  Amity Happy, Remy, Mosh, Diabolic 4 315
25  Underworld Killa, FEARS, Sender, Swarley 4 260
26  eRa Dedo, Havok, Rallied, ProoFy 4 085
27  Echo Fox Gunless, Assault, Faccento, Saints 3 940


More information on the 2018 CWL Season can be found right here.

The CWL Dallas Open will take place between December 8th and December 10th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, with 16 teams placed in Pool Play (10 NA, 5 EU, 1 APAC), and 192 Open Bracket teams.


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