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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Ninja Reveals Plans for the Future After Becoming Most Followed Channel on Twitch

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins spoke about his plans for the future after becoming the most followed streamer on the entire Twitch platform. March 11th marked the day that Ninja’s rise to streaming superstardom reached a new height as he became the most followed person on all of Twitch.

With Twitch being the most popular streaming platform, Ninja’s number one spot on the website actually translates to him being the most popular streamer on Earth. With over 150,000 monthly subscribers, and a staggering 3 million followers, on Twitch, some people would become complacent. But not Ninja. The 26 year old made a quick speech to his loyal Twitch viewers after breaking the 150,000 subscriber mark, making it clear that he is extremely grateful for his success but already has his sights set on another milestone.

Two or three years ago I was contemplating going back to college part time again, because I stopped going to college to, like, pursue this fully but I already had two years of college under my belt. And, I mean, here we are. So I just wanted to do some small little thank-yous man. I don’t think that this is the end, I think that we haven’t even begun to peak, like I’m going to fucking keep grinding I want to be at five million followers by the end of the year on Twitch, minimum. And we’ve gained almost two million followers in, like, a month so the sky's the limit.

  With the rapid growth that the popular streamer has enjoyed in recent weeks, his goals are certainly within reach. In fact, he’s already gained around 125,000 more followers since making that speech. The full clip can be found below: