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Archive • Mar 09, 2018

Ninja Reacts to Drake Following Him on Instagram

The popularity of Fortnite extraordinaire Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has been officially confirmed after one of the world's biggest music artists followed him on Instagram. Ninja has been streaming for around seven years on Twitch, but due to Fortnite's Battle Royale game becoming one of the world's most played titles, he's gone from 20,000 paying subscribers to 140,000 in a matter of months.

Part of Ninja's popularity is down to his authentic attitude when streaming, his genuine emotion to winning and of course, his unbelievable skill at the game. The former professional Halo and PUBG player has become a go-to guide for players attempting to improve, due to his ability to pull off some truly ridiculous maneuvers. Could Canadian rapper and musician Drake by one of those looking for some tips?

The 31-year-old is considered one of the biggest artists worldwide and that shows in his social media figures with 36 million followers on Twitter and over 40 million on Instagram. That will perhaps be able to give you some context why Ninja almost fell off his seat when he realized he had been followed by him on Instagram. x It wasn't just Ninja who was starstruck either, with his brother Jonathan Blevins Tweeting out his shock at the news. x Who would you get starstruck by if they followed you on Instagram or Twitter? Tweet us @Dexerto. x