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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Ninja Hits ANOTHER Two Insane Sniper Shots on Fortnite

The Fortnite mastermind continues to dazzle with a pair of long-range shots. It seems as if every time Ninja streams Fortnite, there's a highlight waiting to happen. Whether it's winning an incredible gunfight by doing insane builds, or taking on a whole team by himself and not giving them even a chance, Ninja has made dominating Fortnite look like child's play. A former Halo professional, and now a streamer for Luminosity Gaming, Ninja has made a habit of mastering Battle Royale games. After cleaning house in the likes of H1Z1 and PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds, Ninja has burned past the competition in Fortnite. The latest additions to his personal highlight reel? How about two long-range snipes from distances that are almost impossible to hit from. The first highlight shows Ninja hitting a snipe from a whopping 190 meters. If that's not difficult enough, it was also at an elevated angle, with the target on the move. x x The second highlight, and probably the more impressive one, has Ninja mix it up by sniping at a downward angle from 219 meters away. x x Some people are really good at making things seem easier than they are. Ninja is one of those people. His incredible skill in fast-paced and accurate building, coupled with a strong tactical awareness and supreme gun skill, has made him virtually unstoppable on Fortnite. x

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