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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

How is Ninja So Good at Fortnite? He Has Some Very Simple Advice With a Clear Warning

An element of Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins popularity on Fortnite is unquestionably down to his impressive skills when it comes to the game. Ninja was one of the first high profile streamers to switch over to the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode when it was released in September 2017.

The move has paid dividends for the former professional Halo player after he smashed through the most followed list on Twitch as the first person to reach three million, and in the process gained himself over 150,000 paying subscribers. As you'd expect one of the main questions that Ninja receives is how does someone improve as a player.

Ninja isn't someone who's afraid of laboring a point or avoiding saying how he feels, and after advising someone that they should look over their footage to see where they're going wrong, he gave his greatest advice for someone hoping to be as good as him one day. Streaming to 100,000 people, he gave out some very simple but effective advice.

"Do you guys have any idea of how much I play? Like I understand it's my job, and that's another thing, a lot of people are asking tips on how to get better. The most important thing you can do is play more, alright. But what you need to understand as well, do not neglect your school, your work and your relationships to improve at a video game, unless this is like your way of life, unless this is your job. If you're young and you're doing well in school and you're too young to work? Fuck yeah, play the shit out of these video games. Your parents should be rewarding you for doing well in school and sports."