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Ninja Gets a Surprise After Killing Two People with One Shot to Win Fortnite Game in Epic Fashion

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins might be one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players on Earth but even he was left speechless when he won a solo vs. squads match with an absolutely ridiculous two for one shot with the Heavy Shotgun.

Fortnite has experienced one of the fastest and most immense rises in popularity in the history of gaming. The fast paced and addictive battle royale version of the game mixes classic shooting mechanics with an innovative building system that is fun for all gamers.

However, sometimes the game leaves you scratching your head as you die to something that simply makes no sense. That would surely be the reaction that came from one team that went up against Ninja during a recent stream.

Ninja is the biggest and most popular streamer on Twitch thanks to his entertaining personality and fan interaction, but it also helps that he is right at the top of the heap when it comes to Fortnite players, regularly producing spectacular clips for his hundreds of thousands of fans to enjoy.

One of his favorite ways of styling on opponents at the moment is to play as a solo against full squads and still get the “Victory Royale”, but even the chatty former Halo pro was left speechless on April 15th when he did just that with an insane final kill, or two kills to be exact.


Ninja already had 14 kills to his name as the game got towards the dying moments and there were just two players left opposing him, so he rushed them using a ramp build and then pulled out his Heavy Shotgun. One shot later, and the game was all over.



Ninja had the good grace to seem totally gobsmacked by the double kill from one shot of the powerful shotgun, and later took to Twitter to say that this was the first ever time that it had happened for him, stating that he was “PRETTY excited”.

While taking two players down with one sniper bullet, like a classic collateral kill from Call of Duty, is not possible on Fortnite Battle Royale, killing two players in one shotgun shot has happened on a number of occasions.

This would appear to be due to the bullet spread, as shots are not supposed to be able to penetrate through walls or other players. However, at least one of the opposing players usually has to be very weak, and even then it is one of the rarest things in the game.


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