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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

Ninja Frustrated at Lack of Proper PUBG Tournaments

The slow transition for PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS title into a competitive game is proving frustrating for some its most high-profile players. The battle royale style shooter can be played solo or as a squad, with players dropping into a large map without anything to help them, requiring them to scavenge for weapons and equipment. As the map becomes smaller over time, there can be only one team or person left. PUBG, as it's commonly known, has smashed records on the PC platform Steam, including surpassing 2 million concurrent users on October 11th. The demand for esports competitions has a result increased, but aside from IEM Oakland's $250,000 event in November, there's not so much about.

Prominent streamer and competitive PUBG player, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, has gone on a rant about the subject during a stream on the same day they passed 2 million. Fielding questions from his loyal audience, the Luminosity player expressed his frustration at the lack of money competitions.
"There hasn't been a single tournament worth fucking playing in. Ok? Every tournament right now are these local, dumb, bullshit fucking Pub tourney's that are ran by random ass orgs, online shit, that is literally irrelivant that you get a gold star if you win. I'm not trying to waste my time. You see all these people tell me like "we did really good in our tournament today" and I like look at the tournament and it's free to play, just no prize, it's like, sick dude."
His comments caused some controversy in his chat, with a number of viewers asking why he was shitting on the little guys.
"Dude, I'm not shitting on the little guys, man. I'm just not going to participate in tournaments that are free and I'm not gonna I dunno man. Just random people, companies, websites whatever, trying to make tournaments, trying to get people like. I'll wait for PUB to start doing their tournaments and make a league."
x The expectation on PUBG's esports division to announce new tournaments and leagues comes fresh off the back of rival Daybreak Games, who also announced on October 11th they'd be launching a Pro League for their H1Z1 battle royale game, which includes a minimum $50,000 salary per player. x

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