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Ninja Doesn’t Forget His Roots After Giving the Halo World Champs Stream a Major Boost

It’s unlikely that many of Ninja’s fans who started following him because of Fortnite know that he was once a professional Halo player.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins began his Halo competitive career during Halo 3 but only advanced to the pro scene during Halo Reach, playing for legendary lineups including Final Boss, Turning Boss and Str8 Rippin.

After competing at an elite level for a number of years, he announced in mid-2017 that he would be turning his attention full time to streaming, and with it turning his back on his Halo career.

Initially starting out playing H1Z1, he moved into PUBG before becoming an internet sensation playing Fortnite, where he combines his elite level skills and highly entertaining attitude to streaming almost every day of the week.

Now regularly playing alongside musicians. including the likes of Drake and Marshmello, he commands an impressive audience that is usually sitting at over 100,000 concurrent viewers regardless of when he goes live.

He decided to use this for good and on the evening of Sunday, April 15th, he hosted the Halo World Championships on his Twitch channel, with the viewer count exploding up to 100,000 at one point.


TOX Gaming player Mathew ‘Royal2’ Fiorante joked that Ninja must have received his payment.

For those who continued to watch, they’ll have seen a very dominant looking Splyce team cruise to the grand final and defeat TOX Gaming in four straight maps to hoist the trophy as the new world champions. Click here to view the final placements of the $1 million competition.


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