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Archive • Mar 03, 2018

Ninja Claims to Make Twitch History Hitting 100,000 Subscribers - Insane Monthly Earnings

Popular live streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has claimed to have made history as the most subscribed solo streamer on Amazon owned website Twitch, with over 100,000 now subbed to his channel. Ninja has been streaming for over seven years on Twitch, even as far back as when it was previously named, and his channel grew tremendously over the past year, but nothing could have predicted the meteoric rise of battle royal game Fortnite, and Ninja's parallel rise to Twitch dominance.

Fortnite also undoubtedly has had a very direct effect on his subscriber count, considering the majority of the recent surge in channel subscriptions (he has amassed over 20,000 in under a week) have been through Twitch Prime, and coincided with a special Fortnite and Twitch Prime partnership. Twitch Prime is a premium service for Amazon Prime members to use on Twitch, and in addition to ad-free viewing, a chat badge and emotes, users also get one free subscription to a streamer of their choice, each month.

Now firmly the most popular Fortnite player, the partnership between Twitch/Amazon and Fortnite has no doubt accounted for the huge boost Ninja has had over recent days. With 100,000 subscribers, if Ninja was able to maintain this number, he would be raking in $350,000 a month, based on an estimated of $3.50 to Ninja per sub. This of course is before adding in donations, 'Bits', ad revenue and sponsorships coming thanks to his increased profile. The moment he hit 100,000 subscribers. x And the moment it sunk in, plus a moment of reflection from fellow streamer Dr Lupo. x

We should note that official subscriber numbers on Twitch are not public facing, so this is based on Ninja's own claims via his stream. Twitch does not disclose nor comment upon individual's subscriber data on the platform. Incredibly, Ninja is also the seventh fastest growing YouTube channel on the video sharing website, and he is beaten only by musical artists such as Drake and Selena Gomez. Meaning in terms of individual content creators, he is pretty much blowing up faster than anyone on the internet. He recently hit three million subscribers on YouTube, and his Twitch following has surpassed two and a half million.

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