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Archive • Jan 12, 2018

New Rise Nation Roster Shuts Down Enigma6 in Impressive Performance at CWL New Orleans

CWL New Orleans

Pool C

 Rise Nation: Methodz, Gunless, Loony, TJHaLy


 Enigma6: General, Dashy, Censor, Blazt

Two teams involved majorly in roster changes ahead of the New Orleans event faced off in an incredible series in their very first match ups of the weekend. Following the disbanding of Next Threat, both Censor and Methodz found themsleves in search of new teams, and later found themselves on Enigma6 and Rise Nation respectively. The pair would face off their new look squads in their CWL New Orleans opener, with Methodz' Rise Nation looking the better of the two sides as they won 3-1.

Enigma6 began the hotter of the 2 squads, not least because Censor rocked his classic sleeveless look, but also because of their hot start, taking a 53-0 advantage to start the map. Rise Nation pulled themselves together however, bringing the score closer, and eventually edging out E6. The lead continued to switch, but after the first set of hardpoint rotations, Rise eventually ran away with victory, much due to the slaying performance of Methodz, going on numerous kill streaks. In the Search and Destroy, again on London Docks, the players known as 'SnD stars' before their transition to professional play, Dashy and Blazt, were unable to live up to their reputation, as the veterans on Rise proved the better SnD team. Again, with Methodz going off in a number of rounds, Rise Nation secured the map in relative straight forward fashion. Back on London Docks for Capture the Flag, the match remained close throughout the first half, and was played at a slow pace as E6 clearly didn't want to cause any errors and allow Rise to close out the series. Eventually their patience paid off, as they almost went into the half with a 2-1 capture lead, however, Rise pulled off a last second extended time capture, which also granted TJHaLy full streaks. The second half was more hectic than the first, with Rise keen to put the pressure on Enigma6. However, some over aggression allowed E6 to take the lead with a counter capture, and then added on another to open up a two capture lead. Eventually, Blazt and Dashy began to heat up, and their kill streaks took over the map, and put it out of Rise's reach with a 7-2 victory. Once more in hardpoint, Rise simply looked the better team, opening up a 100 point lead after only the first three hardpoints, as well has streaks from Loony and Gunless, preventing the E6 players to gather any momentum. Loony shone particularly as Rise Nation pulled off a flawless Gibraltar HP performance, going on a ten and then seven kill streaks off the start of the game, finishing with an impressive 21 - 3 stat line, dismantling E6 250 - 36.   Rise Nation vs Enigma6 HP London Docks 250 - 186 SND London Docks 6 - 3 CTF London Docks 2 - 7 HP Gibraltar 250 - 36 Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x