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Archive • Sep 12, 2017

New Information on Final Killcams and Bronze Stars for CoD WWII Revealed by Michael Condrey

Sledgehammer Studio Head Michael Condrey has provided information regarding the Final Killcam vs Bronze Star debate for Call of Duty: WWII. Set to release on November 3rd, WWII has become one of the most anticipated titles in franchise history, due to the return of 'boots on the ground' combat after three years of 'advanced movement.' In order for fans to test out the upcoming game and provide feedback on certain aspects, a Private Beta was released for players that had pre-ordered the title, playable for two separate weekends. x Read More: x While there was a massive amount of public support from community members following each installment, various problems, bugs, and overall complaints were included as well. One feature that fans were somewhat torn on was the new addition of 'Bronze Stars' at the end of games, which highlighted a 'play of the game' from a player in the lobby. This new moment caught some players off guard, as it replaced the coveted 'Final Killcam' that has been in effect since Modern Warfare 2, detailing the game-winning kill rather than a play from any point of the match. Attempting to get the attention of Michael Condrey, both Carl Riemer, Director of Red Reserve, and SoaR Nudah, popular YouTuber and content creator, Tweeted their support of the Final Killcam remaining in the finished game on August 26th. x After two weeks, Condrey finally responded that Final Killcam will remain in the Search and Destroy game mode. x Although it has been confirmed for SnD, there has been no word regarding its implementation in other game modes for the full release. x

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