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New Mixed European Call of Duty Team Created

The European Call of Duty scene is currently going through an interesting period as teams outside of the Global Pro League prepare for the Stage Two relegation qualifier.

The online competition has a 1st of June cutoff date, with only the top 16 teams based on CoD Pro Points being invited to play, with the winners of the tournament receiving a trip to CWL Anaheim in June. A similar competition in North America and the Asia Pacific will also take place.

Vendetta Gaming announced the pickup of a mixed European lineup that has plans to upset the favorites going into the online qualifier.

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Headed up by Irish player Ryan ‘Riri’ McCrystal, the former LDLC player was regularly used as a substitute during the CWL European Pro Division for Stage 2 during Black Ops 3.

He’ll be teaming up with well known German player Manuel ‘Shukz’ Herbst and British players Samuel ‘Baldy’ Baldwin and Josh ‘JM2RE’ Mooree.

The squad have played together for just under a month and placed 5th to 8th in the last two European online 2K tournaments.

RiRi made this statement about joining Vendetta.

“First, I’d like to thank Vendetta for the opportunity to represent them in the rest of the CWL season. As a team, we have high expectations as to how we should be performing and we feel that we have a good shot at qualifying for relegation and getting a chance to play for a spot in Season 2 of the GPL.

“We expect to preform well in all of the upcoming 2Ks as we try and secure a pool play spot at CWL Sheffield. We know this will be a tough task and we may end up having to battle through the open bracket, however, we are confident in our ability to make it to the pool play stages no matter what happens.”

Vendetta Call of Duty:

  • ireland Ryan “RiRi” McCrystal
  • germany Manuel “Shukz” Herbst
  • uk flag Samuel “Baldy” Baldwin
  • uk flag Josh “JM2RE” Mooree

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