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Archive • Jul 14, 2017

New Competitive Beta Playlist for Gears of War Turns Some Heads... Literally

The new playlist on Gears of War 4 sees changes to the Gnasher shotgun and player movement, while awarding players with double experience for participating. Gearing up for the second Pro Circuit season, The Coalition released this beta playlist after flying out several professional Gears players out to their studios and gathering feedback from them. While the playlist is unranked and can be joined by any size party, The Coalition encouraged full teams of five to play in the playlist, as it will offer a true test of the new changes on competitive maps and in a competitive online setting. The playlist seems to be rolling out changes over several updates, with "phase one" focusing specifically on the power of the Gnasher and player movement in order to get specific feedback. According to the official Gears of War website, the changes were made to "enable more diverse playstyles and create a better teamfight competitive experience." Those goals translate to a range increase on the Gnasher's damage, allowing accurate players to have a better chance at two-shot kills, and decreasing Wallbounce delay, so players can attempt to juke their way around the more powerful weapon. Wallbouncing is when a player runs to a wall, hits the A button to slide, then cancels by hitting their movement stick away from the wall on their left stick. This allows players to move quickly across the map and dodge bullets, if they are advanced enough to master this technique. However, wallbouncing is a simple task for a professional or even most amateur Gears of War players, and those men and women are already showing how fast they can move around in-game within the new playlist. Take Daniel 'Identivez' Velasco Santillana, the young Latin America wall-bouncing phenom, and this clip he snagged off of his TV while he was testing the new playlist. Given that this is a "beta" playlist, not all changes are set in stone, which may be pleasing to those Gears fans who may feel a bit nauseous after watching the best players wallbounce faster than a tornado. If you think that you can handle the speed, then take to the Gears of War 4 servers and let us know what you think about the changes on Twitter.

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